Some New Stops On Our 2015 First Quarter Schedule!

As the beginning of the 2015 season for us is only a mere 18 days away, we are just getting things finalized before we head out on the road to kick off what is expected to be a winter full of fun and action for Rettew Motorsports!

With that being said, we have had a few stops on our tour changed around. Instead of visiting Greensboro, NC on the second weekend of January (January 9th-10th), we will be heading over to the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, NC to go up against the likes of 2014 Monster Jam world freestyle champion Todd LeDuc in Metal Mulisha, Mohawk Warrior, Predator, Prowler, Shockwave, Be Aware, Mega Bite, and Spike!

After that, a little later in the season on February 7th-8th, instead of heading out to Kansas City, MO, we will be heading up north to the XL Center in Hartford, CT to face off against 11 time Monster Jam world champion Tom Meents in Max-D, Crushstation, Storm Damage, Hurricane Force, Rammunition, Mopar Muscle, Instigator, and Backdraft!

We are very excited about making these additions to our schedule and we are also excited to compete against some of the top monster truck drivers in the world for our first time ever! It’s going to be a great season, without a doubt! If you want to see where else we will be heading to on our 2015 first quarter season, check out our schedule now!

Rettew Motorsports Expands 2015 First Quarter Schedule

As if running in 11 events wasn’t enough already, we just expanded our 2015 first quarter schedule even further! On January 9th and 10th, we will be making our first appearance at the Greensboro Coliseum Complex in Greensboro, North Carolina for Monster Jam! We are excited to add yet another Monster Jam show to our schedule, and we are also excited to get to compete against the likes of Grave Digger, Carolina Crusher, Gun Slinger, War Wagon, Hurricane Force, Storm Damage, Strait Jacket, and Ballistic!

Be sure to get your tickets now to see us perform in Greensboro on the second weekend of January, and if you want to see where else we’ll be going during the first quarter of 2015, click here!

Rettew Motorsports Announces Their 2015 First Quarter Schedule

We here at Rettew Motorsports are more than excited to announce our action-packed 2015 first quarter schedule! We will be on the road starting at the beginning of January by heading out to the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, and we’re pumped about getting to run at new venues for the new season! We’re very excited about continuing to run with Monster X Tour, Monster Jam, and Race Track Promotions, and we’re also very excited about running with Toughest Monster Truck Tour for the first time in our first quarter season! It’s going to be a busy but great first quarter, and we are anticipating some great runs and meeting some new fans! See you out there!

Be sure to check out where we’ll be going on our 2015 schedule page!

Preparation For The 2015 Season Begins

It’s been one great year of monster trucking all over this great country of ours, but now it’s one of the busiest but most fun times of the year/season – tear down time. It’s that special time of the year for all monster truck teams where you strip down the truck to almost bare nothing, looks over every nook and cranny, replace anything broken, freshen up parts, add new parts, adjust things, and then reassemble in time for the beginning of the new season. For Rettew Motorsports, we have a lot to go through! We’ve run harder this year than ever before!



We have a very busy 2015 season ahead of us, and to kick off the 2015 season, we have the first quarter! The first quarter of a monster truck season is quite possibly the most important part of any monster truck team’s season. It’s three straights months of constant running from the beginning of January to the end of March. It’s the time to try out new set-ups, and it’s really the time to try out those new parts that you threw on the truck before the season started. For us, we have a jam packed 2015 first quarter season ahead of us. We’ll be releasing our official 2015 first quarter schedule very shortly, so stay tuned here to see it on our 2015 schedule page!

And before we wrap things up here, we want to thank our 2014 sponsors for a year of great support – CPS Graphix, SMP, J&B Motorsports, Buck Motorsports Park, Black Rock Fabrication, The Metal Shop, and Jay R. Reynolds Inc.!

A Busy Year Comes To a Close This Weekend for Rettew Motorsports

2014 has been a year like no other for Rettew Motorsports. From making our debut in Monster Jam, to adding a monster ride truck to our operation, it’s been all over the place in 2014.

The year started off on a great note by making our Monster Jam debut at the Sun National Bank Center in Trenton, NJ, and we were able to pull off a wheelie contest victory at the Saturday night show with this wicked wheelie:


We followed it up the next weekend in our second and final Monster Jam event of the season down in North Charleston, SC with a freestyle win at the Friday night show. We had a great time running with Monster Jam, and hopefully we’ll be on their tour again for 2015!

After running with Monster Jam, we finished out our first quarter running with the great people at Monster X Tour, MAP Motorsports, and Outlaw Monster Truck Spectacular. In total, we put in well over 6,000 miles of traveling in the first quarter of the year alone.

After the first quarter finished up, we fired the truck right back up again and went back out on the road running at Monster X Tour, KSR Motorsports, Monster Events, Special Events, All Star Monster Truck Tour, Vermonster 4×4, and of course, our hometown Buck Motorsports Park shows.


It’s been one heck of a busy year for Rettew Motorsports, not alone just in traveling from show-to-show running the Stinger monster truck, but also building and running our newest addition to the team: Stinger: The Shuttle!


Stinger: The Shuttle is one of the baddest monster ride trucks out there, and expect to see it running for the majority of our spring, summer, and fall schedule in 2015!

As we said before, this weekend is our last event of the 2014 season down in Brasstown, NC for Monster Events. We’ve had a great time all year, but it’s time finish out the season strong! We can’t wait to put on a show for our North Carolina fans tomorrow and Saturday at the Tri-County Racetrack!

We also want to give a big shout out and thanks to our great sponsors for the 2014 season – Buck Motorsports Park, Black Rock Fabrication, J&B Motorsports, SMP, The Metal Shop, and Jay R. Reynolds Inc.!

New Year, New Truck, And New Opportunities For Rettew Motorsports


2013 was a great year for the Rettew Motorsports team – starting off the year as a two truck team with Stinger and Boogey Van, performing well throughout the country and making new fans along the way. After the dust settled from first quarter, new plans for the future were being put in place to make some big moves. The Boogey Van chassis was sold, helping the team consolidate their focus to Stinger and bringing their strongest performances to date.

For Zane Rettew and his family, it was a busy summer for monster trucks and life in general. With the busy schedule of campaigning a monster truck, to just the general day-to-day adventures of raising a family of three with his wife Lindsey, Zane was a busy fellow throughout the summer months. The family made a big move into a new home, as well as an all new shop. After picking up some wins and gaining more confidence in his ability, Rettew felt it was time to make yet another big move. This time, into an all new truck for 2014.

The all new Stinger chassis is already nearing completion thanks to J&B Motorsports and Black Rock Fabrication, who have been hard at work to bring the next generation of Stinger to life. With the new year and new truck comes a new look and new challenges. Rettew hasn’t revealed much about the new look for Stinger, simply saying “This new truck is going to be off the hook!” The new truck is going to see its first bit of action on the first weekend in January, as Rettew Motorsports will make their Monster Jam debut at the Sun National Bank Center in Trenton, New Jersey. With a packed schedule from January to March, it’s going to be yet another busy winter, but the Rettew Motorsports team is up to the challenge. To see where they’ll be headed in the upcoming year, check out their 2014 schedule.

Stinger Flying High in Hometown Event

Stinger Monster Truck - Buck Motorsports Park
(Photo By: Monster Truck Madness Photos)

Zane Rettew grew up going to the Buck Motorsports Park as a child, dreaming of the day he’d get the chance to pilot his own monster truck in front of his hometown crowd, and over the weekend Rettew fulfilled that dream when he and the Stinger took to the track. With many friends and family in attendance, the pressure was on for the pair to perform well, and they did just that as they ran their hardest for all the fans that packed the grandstands to see their local hero. Rettew flew the scorpion tailed Ford over the cars time and time again, getting more air with each pass. The brakes were glowing bright orange, but nothing was going to keep Rettew from holding back as he pushed the truck to the limits.  When the dust settled at the end of the night, Stinger wouldn’t move any further, and Rettew was able to tie two-time Freestyle Champion Jim Koehler and the Avenger for the freestyle win. With a great weekend in the books, Rettew hopes it will be the first of many more awesome events at Buck Motorsports Park.

Gonzales Madness and More!

Boogey Van and Stinger have been on a roll lately, including a wild weekend in Gonzales, Louisiana. Check out the photos below courtesy of Matt Ison:




Start Of A New Season

The 2013 season started for the Rettew Motorsports group in Bryan, Texas. This was the debut event for the brand new Boogey Van, which had a solid outing its first time out. Zane and the Stinger had a few bugs he was fighting with all day, but was able to get everything together to wow the crowd and win freestyle. The team’s next stop is Lubbock, Texas, where both trucks will be running. Keep a eye on Rettew Motorsports’s official website for more updates throughout the season!

Getting Things Going!

Check out our Facebook page for more pictures of the updated Stinger and Boogey Van!